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Our First High Level Panel Digital Cooperation meeting

Besides Internet Governance, we invite panelists in different area to share different perspectives and knowledge about policy making procedure.There are still many cross border issues with internet, e.g., domain name application, digital content management, all related with geo-politics. We have different panelists from government department, academia , human rights group, technical: Government : Board of Science and Technology (BOST) and National Communications Commission (NCC).  Academia : Academia Sinica and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER). With a sociologist and economist’s angle.  Technical : Taiwan Information Network Center (TWNIC)  Private : Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law  Civil Society, Human Rights : Taiwan Association for Human Rights

Future of Digital Economy with Data

This is an assignment from the online course of Internet Society . My opinion is everything in the future will be related with data. Data collect: Enterprise needs data, from devices, customers, employees, every elements from whole supply chains. Whenever you are a retailer or manufacture, you will need data and try to collect more data. Data will be the fundamental to the whole internet. Why, Who, When, What and How (5W1H) , they are also should be talked in this issues. Type of data and resources: We produce many data from our daily life. Personal data, data from transportation, computers, any devices, even your handwriting. Data usage: We may see many different ways to use those data. Government use data to manage the country and try be provide more public services to make a convenient life to people, they also collect and analysis data to optimize the public service. With those data, government would make their policies better (in the idealism way). In business usage,

Unforgettable experience in APrIGF 2018

This is my third year in APrIGF, but many different experiences from last 2 years. The overarching theme is "Empowering Communities in Asia Pacific to build an Affordable, Inclusive, Open and Secure Internet" and with 6 sub-themes this year: Cybersecurity  Online Privacy and Protection  Access and Empowerment  Digital Economy and Emerging Internet Technologies  Diversity  Multi-stakeholder Participation in Internet  I organized 1 session, and to be a speaker in the other 2 sessions.

IGF 2017 highlights need for greater dialogue

Recently I participated remotely in my first Internet Governance Forum —  IGF 2017  — which was held at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland from 18 to 21 December. From the comfort of our offices and homes, I (along with 1,660 other remote participants) was able to listen to and participate in a range of multistakeholder discussions surrounding emerging technologies and Internet governance-related issues on the theme of Shape Your Digital Future!