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We may lose our freedom of the Internet in the near future

I believe those internet pioneers invented the Internet and the World Wide Web is to empower citizens to get and share knowledge without physical and wealth boundaries at the beginning, everyone will be equal in the Internet world. People will  have the power to know, to express themselves with the power of the Internet.

Then citizens may have the power to against unreasonable policies bye the power of the Internet.

But 'empowerment' also means we need to be mature enough to take the responsibility, do self-regulation and management with the power. We can't always believe and depend on the government. If we put the responsibility back to the government, that means we give back the power to government.

The Internet has some characters make it looks like a 'public goods', but it has never become a 'public goods.' Those pioneers argued this issues several years ago. We can see many people spread their hate speech by the social media and those big tech companies take the rights of expression away. They can decide which use can speak or ban the user if they want by the difficult user conditions.Those behaviors just like many free riders take the advantages.

I read many hate speech and gender discrimination posts in the social media. Those users think they won't be found in the system. They enjoy the fun from insulting other users. Those users may look like us in the daily life, in the office, in the transportation, on the street just passed by. But they use the internet in the way to destroy others life. Some users forget to take the responsibility to their own behaviors and just want the rights to build their personal, private paradise not public library for everyone.

It is too upset to see we may lose their rights and governments are happy to take the power back to regulate, manage internet users, internet service providers. We may lose our freedom of the internet and live in a authoritarian internet environment with censorship and government or big techs surveillance. 

Photo by Edrece Stansberry on Unsplash


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