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The COVID-19 is changing our lifestyle

Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

I post this in Internet Society Blockchain SIG discussion board. I haven't finished it. But I also post here to begin a new topic. I will finish the whole article in another post in the weekend.

The COVID-19 pandemic has change the world and our behavior already. Some countries or cities are still in lockdown. Citizens have to face the loss from jobless and pandemic.

Luckily, we don't lockdown in Taiwan. People still have normal life and we work from home, students go to school as usual. There are some students study by online course to prevent gathering. We still have sports events as usual but without people and fans in the sport stadium. But the pandemic impacts the global economy, also impacts to Taiwan, especially to transportation and tourism.

Consumers shift their shopping behavior to online more than before. There are some stores close the physical stores. Some restaurants begin to cooperate with food delivery platform, many of them decide to close the physical restaurants. So, it also impacts to real estate, labor market.

Besides public health, we still need to face to education, entertainment, transportation, tourism, real estate, labor market, e-commerce, etc.. Obviously, this is a real digital transformation in our lifestyle, not a topic or an initiative anymore.

Because of many people have to face unemployment, but they still need health insurance, public service, some people begin to talk about universal basic income(UBI) again and how does blockchain technology can work with UBI.

I read this article by Don Tapscott last month:
What lasting changes will the pandemic bring to our behaviour?

Perhaps blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Hyperledger or ETH or others) will be a solution to the world after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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