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Some notes from Tech Girls

This is not a complete article. I just took some note to prevent if I forget to write about the household income and gender equality.

I had a chance last to share my experiences about women in ICT or Tech Girls events in APRICOT, APNIC, TWIGF. I thought of a question after I attended APrIGF Taipei in 2016.
Why people ask women to back to employment or to have their own career or to be entrepreneurs?

 I try to think in economic way and not only think about human rights. I think about this questions for many years. I met some women have their own career and they also have their family life. When they shared their experience, some of them would thanks for their family support first or their parents. Then I found they have some similar characters not only from the family but also from their personality:

  1. They all have family support. Maybe from husband or their mother or sisters in law, they all support them to have their own career. Unmarried women may support from their original family, their parents or relatives. They all support they work in ICT industries and don't limit them in traditional stereotype.
  2. Their family household income maybe in middle to high level class in their society. Many of these women are from middle to high level class household income in their society. They have chance to be educated especially English or other languages or go to abroad to see the world. And those family will distribute more equal resource to their children without gender bias. Girls don't have to compete with their brothers to have chance to schools.
  3. They have chance to be educated. They will learn skills, knowledge and education will stimulate their mindset, give them chance to build connection with different level in schools and learn how to social with others in school. They may have chance to change their life to a better or higher level in their society. Women may have their own career and income, and don't need to rely on their families. Besides, career women in ICT industry may give more diversity opinions to help products, services, operations more completely.
  4. They are confident, independent, brave and active. Those women I met in these technical conferences or internet governance forums are very independent. They will try to figure our problems by themselves.  They won't sit down and wait for someone else's answer. They have the courage to challenge the unknown future and know how to assess the risks of complete strangeness and different life choices.
  5. They don't limit themselves with any excuse. They won't limit themselves with their gender. They won't say "I can't do ..., because I am a female" or "I should do ..., because I want to be a good girl." No. They do any thing they want to do and like to communicate with others, to know "why" and very active to solve the problems or to find any support.
I don' think those are only from school education, those are also from family education and environment. If a family may have more stable resources, then as long as the disposable income of parents or families supports their children, they can have more educational resources. That will produce a positive cycle. People have the skills and knowledge to create their own business or employment, they will have more choices in their lifestyles and begin to escape poverty, social decline or labor exploitation.

This is a hypothesis that more evidence needs to be found to support and prove it. I will continue to observe and try to find more evidence. Perhaps some economists have completed research on this issue. All I need is to find it out.


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