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Sharing my experience in Ladies that UX Taipei

I shared my internet governance forum experience to students in Ladies that UX Taipei at Taipei Medical University last night. There were two speakers in the event. I introduced about IGF, APrIGF, TWIGF, APNIC and APRICOT, TWOPM and TWNOG, multistakeholder mechanism, some internet governance issues roughly and quickly. It’s a wonderful experience to have dialogues with none information technology related domain students. But they are internet aboriginal, they were born and grown-up with internet.

Our First High Level Panel Digital Cooperation meeting

Besides Internet Governance, we invite panelists in different area to share different perspectives and knowledge about policy making procedure.There are still many cross border issues with internet, e.g., domain name application, digital content management, all related with geo-politics. We have different panelists from government department, academia , human rights group, technical: Government : Board of Science and Technology (BOST) and National Communications Commission (NCC).  Academia : Academia Sinica and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER). With a sociologist and economist’s angle.  Technical : Taiwan Information Network Center (TWNIC)  Private : Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law  Civil Society, Human Rights : Taiwan Association for Human Rights