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Future of Digital Economy with Data

This is an assignment from the online course of Internet Society.

My opinion is everything in the future will be related with data.

  1. Data collect: Enterprise needs data, from devices, customers, employees, every elements from whole supply chains. Whenever you are a retailer or manufacture, you will need data and try to collect more data. Data will be the fundamental to the whole internet. Why, Who, When, What and How (5W1H) , they are also should be talked in this issues.
  2. Type of data and resources: We produce many data from our daily life. Personal data, data from transportation, computers, any devices, even your handwriting.
  3. Data usage: We may see many different ways to use those data. Government use data to manage the country and try be provide more public services to make a convenient life to people, they also collect and analysis data to optimize the public service. With those data, government would make their policies better (in the idealism way). In business usage, companies want to use those data for research and development, data from selling could be help them in the marketing, to provide better service or products, or develop better equipment. For academy, they use those data for their research, for the evidence. And, we manage our life, business, health by our own (personal) data.
  4. Data protection and privacy: Actually, I don’t want to mix these 2 issues together. If data could be treated as assets, we (gov, companies, people) should protect our data, never treat our data as commodities. Data protection doesn’t mean not provide data to others. We can provide our data if we know how to use it and the policies of data usage and data protection. We still have something we don’t want to tell others. So, if there’s one way people or users can option out by ourselves, and educate people/user what is privacy and data protection awareness.
Data is also related with digital economy development. Whatever emerging technology we talk about, i.e., A.I., Machine Learning, IoT, etc., they are all need data. They use data to analysis human behavior, make machine work more like human beings.

Digital economy is also related with the capacity of computing and data transmission, business model and digital transaction. Not only in online retailing, every service turns to online, travel agency, appointment, taxi or other transportation, digitization business and services could not be prevented. So, education is important. Besides the information infrastructures, not only in how to use computers or online surfing, but also to make people to have the mindset of digitization and improve their media literacy.

There will be another 2 issues we need to concern. Trade agreements and cyber security.

Trade agreement could be help the grocery to be transported in different country, but that might be a limitation to flourish the whole information society development. Some governments treat data as commodities, want to get some benefit from data transaction without agreement from people. Some people might say this is about data ownership. But I try to make it simple and clear. If we talk about data ownership, it might be with privacy, people can decide provide their data to business to do any commercial analysis or activities. But when Trade agreement with data transaction, that will be national level cooperative agreement, business or government can use their own database, transaction without user consent. It might be dangerous to defend human rights.

And the last one of related topic is cyber security.

Based on a report from World Economic Forum, cyber security will be an important factor to the future of digital economy. I agree with that view point. Companies might to invest a lot of money to protect their database, and government also need to care about the cyber security to maintain the nation security.

Intentional trade business also need to care about the cyber security. On is for compliance the law for different country, region. Government and companies need to investment hing cost in cyber security.

Government and companies need cybersecurity policies to implement. From national level to personal unit, let everyone has the awareness. Companies, organizations also need cybersecurity policies and regulation to protection their data and those can help them to have good reputation also.

Different countries in each regions should cooperation together. Developing the cooperation agreement might one way to have a solution to collaboration, share the information and make some mechanism to decrease the risk and do some assessment together.

Besides those policies, regulations or mechanisms. Technical education is important. We also need to improvement the skills, technology, knowledge to employees who work in information security department. And from different sections in data transmission, the infrastructures, the service providers, data centers, those are need to be protected and need to be regulated.

Those are predictable in the application level. But maybe there will be something different innovation from data transmission level.

New, secure, encrypted data transmission way, or decentralized web in the future (I am not talking about blockchain, but who knows) I still believe everything will go better in the future, but with some problems with traditional, physical boundaries and barriers we need to break it out.

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